Cross stitch design ideas for your wedding!

Box Tree Cottage Designs' latest ideas to help you make that fabulous day
extra special.

Everyone loves a wedding. It's an intensely personal day and Box Tree Cottage Designs would love to help you add that special touch with cross stitch designs uniquely tailored to you and your colour scheme. Have a look at what we can do, and if you have any good idea to add to the collection they are always welcome!

Having spent two years organising a wedding (yes, thank you, it went very well) we discovered that there is plenty of scope for stitching relatives and friends to use their talents to add a little something to that great day. Although there is a lot to do, there is also a good deal of waiting for things to happen, and this is when a mum or gran can turn her talents to those little personal touches like a garter or a set of place cards for the reception. Our individually charted designs can fit into any colour scheme and we even cover those little extras which are so hard to find, like a pretty cushion for the wedding rings.

Remember that we are experts at mix and match - have a photograph of your own church inserted into a sampler, or that original wedding picture charted to transform into a card. Any colour and variation is possible - just ring and have a chat (we love to chat and it won't commit you to ordering).

We also felt there was scope to provide charts for those difficult dates and for every kind of wedding. From paper to sapphire, we can create a card chart for you - and at a reasonable cost, we can incorporate a photograph into almost anything. Why not have a look through the pages and then telephone Ann on 01905 360234 for help, suggestions or a free quotation?

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